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    31 Totally Pizzariffic Pizza Tattoos

    "Pizza or Die."

    1. True TMNT fans know what's up.

    2. 'Cuz even the Illuminati needs to eat.

    3. Pizza high five!

    4. Pizza, like love, should be unabashedly cheesy.

    5. Indiana pizza lovers stand up!

    6. Do you think when he gets the munchies he eats himself?

    7. AKA my tombstone engraving.

    8. Ooey gooey skully pizza.

    9. The definition of "rad."

    10. Catza? Pizzat?

    11. So real. Much pizza.

    12. Oh, y'know, just an elephant eating a pentagram pizza.

    13. Nom nom nom nom...

    14. Jesus saves... you a slice.

    15. "Pizza is Love. Pizza is Life."

    16. Cutting right to the chase.

    17. Truer words were never spoken.

    18. You want a pizza this, big boy?

    19. Death by pizza? I'm into that.

    20. The only advice you need to make it in life.

    21. Even this pizza is wowed at how awesome this looks.

    22. Louisiana pizza, you got it going on!

    23. This tattoo makes for BFF material.

    24. Me too. Well, not really.

    25. Just because you don't eat cheese doesn't mean you can't pizza.

    26. Amen.

    27. Thanks, I think I will.

    28. He's mad because his arms are too short for optimal pizza intake.

    29. The RZA, the GZA, and the Ol' Dirty PZA!

    30. Inifinipizza.

    31. All the world's problems would be solved if this tattoo was heeded.