19 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Matching

Because the saying is “like two peas in a pod,” not one.

1. “Wanna watch —” “NCIS?” “I was just gonna say that!”

2. Even that deer is like, “You two look gooooooood.”

3. She’s tired from all the compliments they’ve been receiving.

4. Wait, does the dog have a matching collar? I DIE.

5. They brought a spare pair of grandparents, just in case the other ones get dirty.

6. Gettin’ that cash to keep up with matchin’ fash(ion).

7. There is no such thing as too much matching.

8. Lavender house and lavender dog? Yes, please!

10. Twins naturally get it, especially when it comes to Native American bone necklaces.

11. This couple said, “Screw outfits.” Because nothing says “I love you” like weird lines that only make sense when shirtless and with your partner.

12. I almost didn’t see how magical their matching was! How camo-fab!

13. Where is this train heading to? My heart?

14. What a purrrrfect match! LOLOLOHAHAHAHALOL

15. Color me green with envy because these ladies are killing it.

16. Complimentary matching? Even they are mind blown by the awesomeness.

17. They complete each other, and therefore complete me.

18. Giant, puffy, candy cane matching truly brings out the holiday spirit in us all.

19. You could be as happy as these folks if you just tried matching! It’s fun for the whole family and will make you a better person!

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