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    10 NFL Teams You Probably Didn't Know Haven't Won A Super Bowl

    And four that have never even been to one. Like, for reals.

    1. Minnesota Vikings

    2. Buffalo Bills

    Super Bowls played: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994

    Four years in a row they went to the dance only to leave empty-handed, much like every dance I went to in high school.

    3. Cincinnati Bengals

    4. Philadelphia Eagles

    5. San Diego Chargers

    6. Atlanta Falcons

    7. Tennessee Titans

    8. Carolina Panthers

    9. Seattle Seahawks

    10. Arizona Cardinals

    And now, the "Never-beens":

    11. Cleveland Browns

    12. Detroit Lions

    13. Houston Texans

    14. Jacksonville Jaguars