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    24 Movie Scenes That Will Make You Hungry

    WARNING: Do not read if you haven't eaten yet.

    1. The "imaginary" food scene in Hook.


    "You're doing it, Peter! You're making me hungry!"

    2. Anytime they eat in Defending Your Life.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Since the characters are in a purgatorial city of sorts waiting to go to Heaven, all the food they eat is supposed to be the best they ever had.

    3. When they finally get to White Castle in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    The way they ravage those little boxes of meat farts makes me wish that I had a White Castle down the street. And that I smoked pot.

    4. Audrey's nightmare in National Lampoon's European Vacation.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    A nightmare for her, sure, but a mouthwatering dream for the viewer as never-ending courses are brought out one right after the other.

    5. Any food scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Seriously, as a fat kid this movie was torture knowing that I could never have any of the treats displayed in this movie, especially the edible flower cup.

    6. The puerco pibil scene in Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

    Colombia Pictures / Via

    The food is so good that he kills the chef who cooked it after eating it. Now that's a meal!

    7. The prison cooking scene in Goodfellas.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    The way Paul Sorvino meticulously shaves the garlic is enough to blow your mind.

    8. The strudel scene in Inglourious Basterds.

    The Weinstein Company / Via

    "Wait for the cream," indeed, Col. Landa.

    9. The bonfire scene in Heavyweights.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    It's like a scene from Caligula, but better because it's all about food.

    10. The Fat Boys "Sbarro" scene in Krush Groove.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    There is nothing better than watching three portly MCs wreck an all-you-can-eat buffet while rapping about how much they enjoy food.

    11. The critic eating the ratatouille in Ratatouille.

    Pixar / Via

    A million people watching this movie were like, "WTF is ratatouille? Actually, who cares? I MUST HAVE SOME!"

    12. The "eat" scenes in Eat, Pray, Love.

    Colombia Pictures / Via

    All the other scenes are not important.

    13. The surprise breakfast scene in A Little Princess.


    You can call me a "little princess" all you want if I could eat that every morning.

    14. Anytime there is a pie in Waitress.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    You had me at lattice crust.

    15. The pancake scene in Uncle Buck.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Look. At. That. Pancake.

    16. The forbidden food scene in Pan's Labyrinth.

    Picturehouse / Via

    Can you really blame Ofelia for trying a grape or two? I would have demolished that feast as soon as I saw it.

    17. The Old 96'er scene in The Great Outdoors.

    Universal Pictures / Via

    Sure, the aftermath of eating a 96 lb steak, gristle and all, may not be great, but damn if that doesn't look delicious.

    18. The oatmeal cream pie scene in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    Uh, where can I find one of those shrink rays because this looks amazing.

    19. This scene in Groundhog Day.

    Colombia Pictures / Via

    Yes, the monotony of living the same day over and over again is torturous but being able to eat whatever you want is a plus, right?

    20. The ice cream scene in Home Alone.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Holy crap I totally forgot about Crunch Tators! Screw the ice cream and give me those!

    21. The lobster scene in Splash.

    Buena Vist Dist. / Via*ulpv*com%7Cuploads%7CSplash-of-Colors-Wallpaper*jpg/

    I don't know what it is about the way Daryl Hannah just takes a huge bite of lobster, shell and all, but lord does it make me hungry.

    22. The Turkish Delight scene in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    Give up my family for whatever the hell "Turkish Delight" is? Let me think about it.

    23. The "I Want Candy" scene in Marie Antoinette.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Sacré bleu! That looks c'est magnifique!

    24. The first feast scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Accio gravy! Accio roast chicken! Accio everything!

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