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    20 Most Common "So You Think You Can Dance" Judge Phrases

    With Season 10 ending next week, let's take a look at some of the most commonly used phrases that the SYTYCD judges use, and what they really mean.

    1. "That's bucc!"


    Meaning: A phrase used by judge/krump choreographer Lil C, used to describe something that was done well. Ex: "That contemporary routine was bucc!" or "This buffalo chicken salad is bucc!" etc.

    2. "I don't mean to be a creepy old man, but..."


    Meaning: Used by Judge Nigel Lythgoe, it means he is a creepy old man who wants to sleep with you.

    3. "That was... SO GOOD!"

    Meaning: Commonly used by Adam Shankman when overreacting to a dance that the audience at home is usually like, "Really?" about.

    4. "You're on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN!"

    Meaning: Mary Murphy's catchphrase. Like "That's bucc," it's used as an extreme compliment. Ex: "That samba puts you on the hot tamale train!" or "Paris at night is on the hot tamale train!" etc.

    5. "Your dancing is a little feminine."

    Meaning: Used when referring to a male dancer that is most often times obviously gay, because the judges are apparently contractually obligated to never under any circumstances utter the "g" word.

    6. "You are now my favorite dancer in the competition."

    Meaning: We are trying to influence America to vote for you. Also, you've been my favorite from the beginning.

    7. "I don't know what the audience doesn't see in you."

    Meaning: We think you're pretty. Why doesn't everyone think you're pretty?!

    8. "What can't you do?!"

    Meaning: Used when referring to a hip-hop dancer who has ventured into another dance style, or a dancer who flips. Sometimes it refers to both.

    9. "You're just a cutie patootie."

    Meaning: Judge Mary Murphy's phrase when describing a male performer she would like to do the "horizontal mambo" with.

    10. "Was it technically great? No. Did you give it your all? You betcha."

    Meaning: We really like you, but have fun watching the show from home next week, because you're getting the boot tonight.

    11. "What I'd give to have that body."

    Meaning: Another way of saying, "I'm getting older, and as death creeps toward me the thought of selling my soul to steal your youth becomes more tempting everyday."

    12. "Let me just thank [choreographer] for that routine. Fabulous."

    Meaning: The routine was great, sorry the dancers didn't dance it very well.

    13. "Those legs go on for days."

    Meaning: She has legs and she knows how to use them.

    14. "Was the chemistry there? No."

    Meaning: An alternative way to say, "You're dancing was a little feminine." (See number five.)

    15. "That is why I love dance."

    Meaning: Congratulations, you just made a judge cry/freak out.

    16. "I liked it."

    Meaning: Used by celebrity judges that have no clue what they are talking about.

    17. "That arabesque into the pas de bourreé followed by the cou-de-pied was simply remarkable."

    Meaning: This, or any variation thereof, means the judges know what the fuck they are talking about.

    18. "Keep your shoulders down."

    Meaning: The judges have told you a million to get your shit together and you are on your last leg, buddy.

    19. "You will have a great career in the industry."

    Meaning: You are going home tonight.

    20. "We're sorry, but you'll be leaving us this week."

    Meaning: They're not sorry.

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