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    24 Men Who Should Be Banned From Texting

    Tech-NO-logy, amirite?

    1. This guy who needs to double-check before hitting send.

    2. This fancy dad.

    3. This guy who just realized he had a qwerty keyboard.

    4. This guy who is getting used to his new phone.

    5. This cold and callous individual.

    6. This creepazoid.

    7. This straight boy.

    8. Jakey, who loves fruit.

    9. This dad who needs to turn his autocorrect off.

    10. Will, who thought he was having a conversation about asking out a girl.

    11. This dad who was shut down hard.

    12. This guy who should've just said, "How far are you in line?"

    13. This Don Juan.

    14. The guy in the first picture.

    15. This charming Casanova.

    He changed the game with this line

    16. This guy who unfortunately doesn't waste any time.

    17. Cole, who really, REALLY, wants to make this sext thing happen.

    18. The mirror man.

    19. This guy who likes acute girls.

    20. Emily's boyfriend.

    21. This dad who can't seem to get his voice text to work.

    22. Uncle Mark, who loves caps lock and hyphens.

    23. This husband who is trying to keep the mystery alive.

    24. This dude who isn't afraid to keep it real.

    At least there are some men out there who know how to perfectly text. So, kudos to them!