Jay Z Channels His Inner Bruce Wayne In New Music Video

Is it a coincidence that Hova’s new video for “Magna Carta Holy Grail” has so many similarities to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, or is he the artist hip-hop deserves, but doesn’t need? You be the judge.

1. Here’s Jay watching multiple televisions…

2. … And Bruce watching multiple screens.

3. Here’s Jay and his butler…

4. … And here’s Alfred, Bruce’s butler.

5. Here’s how Jay stores his furniture people…

6. … And how Bruce stores his furniture for people.

7. Here’s Jay’s dinner…

8. … and Bruce’s dinner.

9. Here’s Jay looking stressed…

10. … And Bruce looking stressed.

11. Here’s Jay’s champagne…

12. … and Bruce’s champagne.

13. Here’s Jay’s nice bed…

14. … And Bruce’s nice bed.

15. And finally, Justin Timberlake in a black suit with flames behind him…

16. … And Liam Neeson in a black suit with flames behind him.

17. Watch the video in full:

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