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    How 19 Delicious Candies Got Their Names

    AKA Eat 'em-ology.

    1. M&M's

    2. Sugar Daddy

    3. Kit Kat

    4. Snickers

    5. Baby Ruth

    6. 3 Musketeers

    7. Jujyfruits/Jujubes

    These filling-pullers get their name after their original main ingredient, ju-ju gum.

    8. PEZ

    9. Jolly Rancher

    10. Chick-O-Stick

    11. Abba-Zaba

    Yeah... So, Annabelle's, who makes the taffy candy now, bought it from the Cardinet Candy Company, who bought it from Colby & McDermott. What I thought of as a nonsense sounding name is, according to some, a "made-up imaginary Zulu jungle savage utterance." Chew on that.

    12. Junior Mints

    13. Oh Henry!

    14. Milk Duds

    15. Life Savers

    16. Sixlets

    17. Smarties

    18. Twix

    The United States was introduced to Twix in 1979, but was known throughout the rest of the world as the "Raider" bar. However, in 1991, Mars converted all Raider countries to Twix ones.

    19. Butterfinger