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10 Times Hal And Lois From "Malcolm And The Middle" Were Your Relationship Goals

The couple that shaves together stays together.

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1. Every time Lois gave Hal a trim.

20th Television / Via

2. When they figured out the perfect way to settle arguments.

3. When they accepted each other, flaws and all.

20th Television / Via
20th Television / Via

4. When they showed that trying new looks can be a good thing.

5. When they proved that it's the little things that turn us on.

20th Television / Via

6. When they showed us that passion is as passion does.

7. When they talked about their life choices.

8. When they kept it real.

9. When they proved even when you try to be supportive, you will sometimes screw up.

10. And finally, when they made plans for the evening.

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