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The 17 Worst Guests At Every Wedding

Or, why you should've just eloped.

1. The underdressed guest


It's not their fault, since they misread "wedding" as "Jimmy Buffett concert."

2. The cousin you barely know

Warner Bros. / Via

Sheila? No, Shelly! Wait, maybe it doesn't start with an "S"... Carlos?

3. The shade-thrower

Netflix / Via

They compare your wedding to theirs, which was magnificent, the way they re-tell it. Suuuure it was.

4. The "sexy" dancer

HBO / Via

And usually dancing like this during a slow song.

5. The advice giver

MTV / Via

Not that you asked for advice, mind you, but that doesn't stop them from freely dispensing their wisdom, even though they've been divorced three times.

6. The surprise drunk

Bravo / Via

Meaning, they go from sober to — SURPRISE — they're drunk. This will usually happen to a person in the bridal party.

7. The gourmet

BBC / Via

"Oh, pigs in a blanket? How... quaint." — An asshole.

8. The person with a new camera/phone


They want to capture your big day but first they have to find the power button.

9. The unannounced speech maker

Warner Bros. / Via

Who knew weddings were open forums for anyone to say anything they wanted?

10. The hot waiter

Starz / Via

"Why, yes I will have another pig in a blanket, thank you very much. My name is Bob, by the way." — Your cousin Bob who doesn't stand a chance.

11. The recently single relative

Universal Pictures / Via

AKA the person most likely to hit on your friends.

12. The dance floor dominator

NBC / Via

"Everybody clear out! My song is on!"

13. The out-of-nowhere hookup couple


Dude must have some serious game, because even he's like, "I can't believe this is working out."

14. The cry monster

New Line Cinema / Via

Are they crying because of how happy they are or how sad? Both? Either way, they're walking in your direction. Run!

15. The subject of gossip

Universal Pictures / Via

Usually someone who has no idea that everybody else knows all the horrible things they have no business knowing. Like the fact they hooked up with the maid of honor at the rehearsal dinner. Yikes.

16. The open bar slayers

Colombia Pictures / Via

HOW DO THEY DRINK SO MUCH? Oh, wait. It's free. Never mind.

17. Some dude.

NBC / Via

Who is that dude? Is he related? Was he even invited? Who cares? YOU'RE MARRIED NOW!