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28 GIFs Guaranteed To Ruin Your Childhood

Eye bleach needed after viewing.

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1. I know you just got legs, but slow your roll, Ariel.

Disney / Via

2. "It's log! It's log! It's big! It's heavy! It's wood!"

3. I can't even.

4. At least she left pizza in the freezer.

5. Rock out with your Brock out.

6. "Charming," my ass.

Disney / Via
Disney / Via

7. This is what roommates do, right?

8. Should've been called Blue Balls Clues.


10. #beentherebro

11. What a stinker.

Warner Bros.

12. Bowser-chik-a-wow-wow.

13. This is not the droid you were looking for.

14. Just scratchin' his Pokeballs.

Nintendo / Via

15. Oh, I get it; A hungry pink starfish.

Nickleodeon / Via

16. Bill Nye the Highest Guy.

Buena Vista Television / Via
Buena Vista Television / Via

17. The Godzilla deleted scenes are pretty horrifying.

18. Doesn't Louie see the "Keep out" sign?

19. More like The Lion Schwing!

20. Eyes up here, buddy.

Cartoon Network / Via

21. ~Gotta please 'em all!~

22. No comment.

Nickleodeon / Via

23. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea, at least 500 ft. from the nearest school?

Nickleodeon / Via

24. This gives a whole new meaning to the Hundred Acre Wood.

Disney / Via

25. Uh... classic cartoons are weird.

Warner Bros. / Via

26. First LSD, and now this? For shame, Alice.

27. No, Baloo! Bad, Baloo, bad!

Disney / Via

28. Eh, you know what? Fuck it.