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41 GIFs That Prove The '80s Was The Best Decade

Back when men were men who also wore makeup.

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1. Ah, the '80s. A time when MTV actually showed music videos.

2. Videos by artists like Prince.

Warner Bros. / Via

3. And Madonna.

4. And Boy George's Culture Club.

5. And The Cure.

6. And Morrissey, with or without The Smiths.

7. The commercials were delightfully simple, like this one for Burger King.

8. Or this one for Pizza Hut.

9. Oh, and Honey Smacks.

10. Even Coke machines couldn't help but enjoy the '80s.

11. Hell, even Slimer got in on the action.

12. And nothing was better than the promise of a Happy Meal. Well, besides actually getting one, of course.

13. Remember these guys? They scared a generation into buckling up.

14. People say that we are living in the golden age of television now, but you really know that time was the ’80s. I mean, we had Pee Wee’s Playhouse!

Image Ent. / Via

15. And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Lions Gate / Via

16. And Jem.

Shout! Factory / Via

17. And Thundercats.

Warner Home Video / Via

18. And the greatest cartoon ever, Muppet Babies.

Disney-ABC / Via

19. We also had Punky Brewster keeping it real.

20. And the A-Team keeping it drenched in gold chains.

Universal Television / Via

21. Also, if weird was your thing, there was always Max Headroom.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

22. How about movies? The '80s had that on lock, with classics such as The Goonies.

Warner Bros. / Via

23. And Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Universal Studios / Via

24. Or The Breakfast Club.

Universal Pictures / Via

25. How about Flashdance?

Paramount Pictures / Via

26. This was a time when Johnny Depp wore this shirt then was killed by Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

New Line Cinema / Via

27. Or when all these dudes starred in the same movie.

Warner Bros. / Via

28. And sports? How about Michael Jordan?

29. Or "Iron" Mike Tyson?

30. The WWF before it became the WWE?

31. Or aerobics? The '80s was the best sports era, hands down.

32. And the games were even better, whether they be physical...

33. ...Or digital.

34. Or physically digital.

Nintendo / Via

35. Yep, the '80s were a magical time when man, woman, and dog lived in harmony.

36. Beautiful, breakdancing harmony.

37. A time when life was as full of hope as Brooke Shields' hair was full of bounce.

38. A time when technology knew no bounds.

39. Well, some bounds.

40. Still, it left us with the thought that we could accomplish our dreams, thanks in part to this man.

41. Oh, '80s, you will forever be the greatest decade. Thanks for the memories.

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