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10 Foods To Put On Your Disneyland To-Do List

Turkey legs are great and all, but they've got nothing on these dishes.

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1. The Fried Biscuits at Carthay Circle Restaurant

California Adventure — HOLY CRAP THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER. Filled with ooey gooey white cheddar, bacon, and jalapeño, these are a must when dining at Carthay Circle or California Adventure, in general. Who knew these were even available? Well, now you do so no excuses. These are seriously to die for.


2. Fire Cracker Duck Wings at Carthay Circle Restaurant

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California Adventure — Carthay Circle hit it out of the park with this one (pun intended). Another "who would've known" item that the park has to offer, the wings are coated in a delicious soy/lime/Sriracha sauce that has just the right amount of heat. Perfect for sitting out on the restaurant's terrace with a glass of wine and watching the passersby.

3. Portobello Mushroom Philly at Award Weiners

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California Adventure — Vegetarian and super tasty? Yes, please! The grilled peppers and hoagie bun give this the Philly cheesesteak feel, but the hint of hefeweizen that the veggies are splashed with while cooking takes this dish to the next level. As a bonus, if you take the cheese out it becomes a vegan option. So, you know, it basically wins on every level.

4. Veggie Tater Bake at Flo's V8 Cafe

California Adventure — Another great vegetarian option, this is Flo's take on a Shepherd's pie, and it doesn't disappoint. Filled with bulger wheat, roasted veggies, soy crumbles, and topped with mashed potato and cauliflower, this is not only filling and hearty, you don't even have to be vegetarian to enjoy it!

5. Apple-Cheddar "Ugly" Pie at Flo's V8 Cafe

California Adventure — Is there really any such thing as an ugly pie? I mean, aren't all pies inherently beautiful because, well, they're pies? Anyway, this pie is fine by me and I love it just the way it is, flaws and all. It's a great little treat to munch on as you watch the Radiator Springs Racers zoom by.

6. Lobster Nachos at The Cove Bar

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California Adventure — The Cove Bar, which sits right behind the entrance to Ariel's Grotto Restaurant, is an awesome location to kick back, have a beer, and dig into this heaping plate of nachos. Not only do they use lobster claw meat, but they also top them off with a chipotle crema that is unreal. Great for two people to share, or, if you're like me, for one.


7. Fried Pickles at Carnation Café

Disneyland — The fried pickles were introduced to the park when the Carnation Café reopened in 2012 after renovations. How these haven't always been a Disneyland staple is anyone's guess, but the fact that they use about 500 pickles a day just for these proves that they are most likely here to stay. Keeping them as spears instead of slices helps keep the integrity of the pickle, making sure you get that satisfactory crunch. Also, the panko and parmesan crust makes them stand apart from their run-of-the-mill fried pickle counterparts.

8. Cherry Milkshake at Carnation Café

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Disneyland — They should probably just call this "The Walt," since it was allegedly Walt Disney's favorite flavor of shake. After you sample one, it might be your favorite, too. The real kicker to this frosty treat are the chunks of real cherry that are blended in to it.

9. Monte Cristo Sandwich at Café Orleans

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Disneyland — Yes, it tastes as good as it looks. Fried in a light batter, the combo of turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese really comes to life when you add a little of the Berry Purée that comes with it. It's like breakfast and lunch had the most perfect baby, then dusted it with powdered sugar.

10. Pommes Frites at Café Orleans

Disneyland — Coated in garlic, parmesan, and parsley, these do not disappoint. Add some Cajun Spice Rémoulade to dip in and you have officially won life. Like, that's it. You're done.

So, what foods do you recommend when eating at The Happiest Place on Earth?


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