Driving: Expectations Vs. Reality

The road to the open road is often a bumpy road, but a road you will be glad you rode nonetheless.

1. Expectation: Acing the written test.

You studied your ass off. You got this.

Reality: Forgetting everything you read.

“How close do my wheels need to be to the curb when parking?” WHAT KIND OF DEVIL QUESTION IS THIS?

2. Expectation: You will parallel park like a pro.

You can totally fit into that space. There’s so much room!

Reality: This happens.

You got it in, now you just have to get it out.

3. Expectation: Driving your friends around will be awesome.

Reality: Your friends freak out, because “you’re going too fast.”

Hey, if they want to complain, they can drive themselves to the mall.

4. Expectation: You will not be a distracted driver.

Eyes on the road and hands at ten and two at all times.

Reality: Phone calls, eating, you name it.

Not that you should be on your phone, or eating while driving, but the reality is you will never be able to escape being distracted from time to time.

5. Expectation: You will master the freeways and highways, proving you aren’t scared.

What could be so hard, right?

Reality: It’s like the freakin’ Autobahn out there.

Freeways are not for the faint of heart, especially the merging part.

6. Expectation: You will sing in the car, not caring what other people may think.

Because you have control of the radio and your favorite song is blasting.

Reality: You care what other people think.

Just make sure the windows are rolled up and you’ll be good to go.

7. Expectation: Road trips are going to be the best.

Just you and your pals on the road, livin’ life and forgettin’ strife.

Reality: You’re the only one with a drivers license, so you do all the driving.

Driving to that concert eight hours away isn’t sounding so good now, is it?

8. Expectation: When you get pulled over you will handle it with class and dignity.

You will not cry… You will not cry…

Reality: You cry.

Same goes for your first fender bender.

9. Expectation: You will not give in to road rage.

Calm and collected is what you’ll be.

Reality: Someone cuts you off, and you become a monster.

Also, you begin to use combos of curse words that you never knew existed.

10. Expectation: You will look super cool driving.

Finally, you got this driving thing under control, and most importantly, you look the part.

Reality: What you really look like.

But who cares what you look like? You have a drivers license now!

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