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    14 Dos And Don'ts Of Throwing A Bachelor Party

    Basically, just get the groom back in one piece, OK?

    1. Do be on top of shit.

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    Make sure people RSVP and show up on time, because your job is to ensure that things go smoothly. Oh, and remember to bring the aspirin.

    2. Don't have the party the night before the wedding.

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    Whoever thinks this is a good idea has watched way too many movies. No one, especially the spouse-to-be, wants a red-eyed and hungover groom come game time.

    3. Do have it a few weeks before.


    Yes, some invitees who are out of town may not be able to make it, but you have to work with what you have. Plus, putting some space between the party and the wedding is great for all involved and their livers.

    4. Don't assume everyone has money to burn.

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    Sure, renting a penthouse suite sounds awesome, but your buddy with two kids is a little more frugal these days. So before you go booking anything too crazy, run the idea past the other guys to feel out their budgets.

    5. Do pay for all the groom's expenses.

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    It's his party so pony up the dough. Sometimes that means splitting the check equally among everyone, but make sure everyone is OK with that. If not, like at dinner for example, just have everyone throw in a few extra bucks onto whatever they owe so as to cover the man of the hour.

    6. Don't do anything super dangerous or completely stupid.

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    Do you know how mad his future spouse will be if he's in a full-body cast on their wedding day knowing that you could've prevented it? Don't let that happen to you, or more importantly, them.

    7. Do make sure to do some sort of physical activity.

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    Again, the rule here is: DON'T HURT THE GROOM. That being said, sitting on your butts all weekend is just plain boring. Play pool, throw darts, hell, have a Hula-Hoop contest. Just make sure the sedentary time is kept to a minimum, like tiredly eating breakfast after being up all night.

    8. Don't invite guests that the groom hasn't approved.

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    Did you know the groom wasn't getting along with his brother-in-law? Well, you would've if you'd run the guest list by him in the first place.

    9. Do, however, make it a "the more the merrier" type of event.

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    Four guys does not a bachelor party make. So after finding out who not to invite, try and get a good number together to make things interesting. That way things never get stale, because the last thing you want is a bored groom on your hands.

    10. Don't forget to schedule nap time.

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    If you are doing a whole weekend, you will no doubt party hard Friday night. This means you must take time to recharge Saturday so the night isn't a complete wash. Plus, who doesn't like a good nap?

    11. Do make sure the groom gets a bed.

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    Ideally everyone will have one, but sometimes budgets are tight and it's four to a room, like your college days. So make sure the groom doesn't get stuck sleeping on the floor, unless of course he passes out there. In that case, just let him be.

    12. Don't go to a strip club/hire a stripper if the groom isn't into that.

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    Yes, as strange as it may sound, not all men enjoy strip clubs, even though they are a bachelor party staple. If they want to go just make sure to revisit rules #5 and #14.

    13. Do tailor the events to the groom's personality and interests.

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    Not all details have to be run by him, but just be sure that whatever is happening is up his alley. If you love Las Vegas but the groom really loves camping, then by all means, go camping. Just remember that even though you're doing the planning, the party isn't about you.

    And finally...

    14. Do keep the groom in check by keeping yourself in check.

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    The party isn't an excuse for you, the groom, or any of the guys to cheat on your SO's. No one should be pressuring anyone else to do things they don't want to do, either. Just give the groom the party he deserves by showing him a blast before he heads off into marital bliss and everyone will go home happy campers.