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23 Dogs Trying Really Hard To Enjoy Their Birthdays

Birthdays are ruff.

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1. "Enough with the smooches! Is there even cake here?"

2. "What do you mean I can have just one cupcake?"

3. "A cake made of meat. How original."

4. "So where's the rest of my treats? Surely this can't be it."

5. "This outfit is coming off in 3... 2... 1..."

6. "Well, now I see why you said 'formal attire'."

7. "Seriously, this cat toy is killing my vibe."

8. "Yay! Birthday! Wait, this isn't the park."

11. "No presents, no smiles."

13. "This is the appetizer, right?"

14. "I take it you're not mad at me for destroying the wall anymore?"

15. "I guess wrapping presents is too much to ask nowadays."

16. "Champ, wake up! The cake is finally done."

17. "I'm wishing that you will turn the lights on. I mean, what gives?"


19. "I'm not disappointed, I'm just well... I guess I am disappointed that there are no treats."

20. "Just because you are doing a paleo diet doesn't mean I want that for my birthday. No! Don't take it! I'll eat it."

21. "So when you said there would be cupcakes, you meant a cupcake basket? Harumph."

22. "This looks so — Hey, where you taking my food?"

23. "Next life, I'm being born a cat."

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