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15 Things You Never Have To Worry About With A Best Friend

I'll be there for you, 'cause you're there for me too. Like when I drink too much whiskey.

1. That you gained some weight.

TLC / Via

So you've put on a few? Do you want to go running or to a buffet? Either way, your BFF is there to join you.

2. That you have a pimple.


Everyone gets them from time to time, even your bestie. That's why God created staying in with wine and applying beauty masks.

3. That you farted.

Universal Pictures / Via

A real best friend goes, "Ewww" then lets one rip. Giggling ensues.

4. That you are getting older.

Warner Bros. / Via

So are they. Why not enjoy the journey together?

5. Whether you are rich or poor.

Warner Bros. / Via

Because money is fickle and can disappear like that, or be gained just as quick.

6. That you got a bad haircut.


Although they will take a pic and remind you of it from time to time.

7. That you are a bad dancer.

CBS Television Dist. / Via

Or that you're a good one.

8. That you drank too much.



9. That you like to take selfies.

10. That you send them drunk texts.


Actually, receiving these is part of the fun of friendhood.

11. If you become more successful than them.


They actually couldn't be happier for you, because most likely they've been with you through the struggle every step of the way.

12. The fact that you are single right now.


Or in a relationship. All they care about is being able to call you and talk about Samantha at work, because, ugh...Samantha.

13. If you haven't talked in awhile.

Disney / Via

True friends = picking up where you last left it without skipping a beat.

14. That your jokes are corny.


And when you do catch them with a bad one it only adds fuel to the fur. I mean fire. Furry fire. A furious furry fire. LOLOLOLOL.

15. That you don't want any help.

NBC Universal / Via

Yeah, you say you're fine, but a best friend knows when to call bullshit. That is why they will always help you, whether you like it or not.

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