How Nice Are You?

“Very niiiiice!” – Borat

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  1. Check all that apply.
    1. 1 You hold doors open for people.
    2. 2 You hold doors open for people who are far away.
    3. 3 You put your phone on silent in movie theaters.
    4. 4 You turn your phone off in movie theaters.
    5. 5 You say something like, “Excuse me” when you sneeze.
    6. 6 You always make sure to cover your mouth when you sneeze.
    7. 7 You say something like, “Pardon me” when trying to get past someone.
    8. 8 You wait to fart when the least damage will be done.
    9. 9 You light a match/candle/spray air freshener after taking a smelly poop.
    10. 10 You say, “Thank you” when you’re given something.
    11. 11 You say, “No. Thank you!” when someone says thank you to you.
    12. 12 You always make sure the toilet seat is down.
    13. 13 You call people on their birthday.
    14. 14 You remember everyone’s birthday.
    15. 15 You recycle.
    16. 16 You never cheat.
    17. 17 You never lie.
    18. 18 You lie only when the truth will hurt another person.
    19. 19 You have given money to a homeless person.
    20. 20 You have bought food for a homeless person.
    21. 21 You have given shelter to a homeless person.
    22. 22 You have given money to the Salvation Army bell ringers.
    23. 23 You have bought Girl Scout Cookies purely to support them.
    24. 24 You have given to too many charities to count.
    25. 25 You help your friends and family when they move, if asked.
    26. 26 You OFFER to help your friends and family when they move.
    27. 27 You have helped an old lady cross the street.
    28. 28 You have stopped and helped push a stalled car.
    29. 29 You have offered your umbrella to someone when it was raining.
    30. 30 You have offered your jacket to someone when it was cold out.
    31. 31 You have dropped everything to help a friend in need.
    32. 32 You get back to texts right away.
    33. 33 You return phone calls right away.
    34. 34 You don’t talk behind peoples’ backs.
    35. 35 You don’t litter.
    36. 36 You volunteer for some kind of organization regularly.
    37. 37 You always leave at least a 20% tip at restaurants, no matter the service.
    38. 38 You give thoughtful gifts.
    39. 39 You have ran/walked for a charity.
    40. 40 You always bring a token of gratitude – like a bottle of wine – to a party.
    41. 41 On airplanes you never hog the armrest.
    42. 42 When driving you always let people into your lane.
    43. 43 You never cross the 10 Items or Less rule.
    44. 44 You never come into work sick, so as not to infect others.
    45. 45 You always replace the toilet paper roll.
    46. 46 You never delete something from the DVR until you are sure your S.O. has watched it.
    47. 47 You are always patient.
    48. 48 You have been taken advantage of due to your niceness.
    49. 49 You constantly give without expecting anything in return.
    50. 50 You really do like people.

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