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    25 Bathroom Signs That'll Make You Pee Yourself

    ::: Fart noise :::

    1. Listen up, ladies.

    2. Some people just never grow up.

    3. This sign seems like it would be in the NRA's bathroom.

    4. So does this one.

    5. This person who created their own font, becausethey were so disgusted.

    6. This response sign that is making the best of the situation.

    7. The new Nike slogan?

    8. LOL — Wait, are you talking about me?

    9. What a beautiful poem.

    10. I think this sign is also aimed at me, but whatevs.

    11. That's what the secret flavor is!

    12. Preach.

    13. I like how after the fifth question the poster gets self-reflective.

    14. "Much professional. So no nonsense," Doge says.

    15. U mad, second floor?

    16. Raytheon getting put on blast after they did the same thing to the toilet.

    17. PWNED.

    18. The fact that they drew a picture to make a point makes this even more intriguing.

    19. Teachers can't be blatantly mean, but they can be blatantly passive aggressive.

    20. And that's why Tom was never heard from again.

    21. This transcends all cultures and languages.

    22. Looks like someone has been eating at Chili's.

    23. Do panty hose normally flush? Like, is this the normal procedure?

    24. Just a word to the wise, is all.

    25. This should be in every bathroom from now until kingdom come. Amen.

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