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    Badger From "Breaking Bad" Is Awful At Basketball In New Guided By Voices Music Video

    It's like when Kirk tried to get the Enterprise out of that black hole, but, like, with a basketball.

    The video for "Planet Score" off of Guided By Voices' new album, Motivational Jumpsuit, features Children's Hospital's Rob Corddry, his brother Nate Corddry, and Badger himself, Matt Jones (who also co-stars with Nate Corddry on CBS' Mom). Basically, Jones is so bad at shooting hoops that a hot dog (comedian Willmaierica) can block his shots until the coaching prowess of Rob Corddry intervenes to save him. You following? Needless to say, it's weird and hilarious and fits perfectly into GBV's esoteric canon. Enjoy.

    Motivational Jumpsuit will be available February 18th.