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20 Awesome Fruits You've Never Even Heard Of

Breast Milk fruit, anyone?

1. Grenadia

Similar to passion fruit, it has seeds covered in a gelatinous, yummy pulp.

Source: Quora

2. Melons of Uzbekistan

3. Mangosteen

4. Sweetsop, sometimes known as Custard Apple or Sugar Apple

5. Palmyra Fruit

6. Jackfruit

7. Spanish Lime

8. Noni Fruit

9. Ackee

10. Lakoocha

11. Wood Apple

12. Buddha's Hand

13. Hala Fruit

14. Jabuticaba

Yes, they grow on the side of a tree like little fruit barnacles, but don't hold that against them. Pop one in your mouth, squeeze out the inner grape-like flesh and spit out the skin and seeds.

Source: Quora

15. Star Apple, sometimes known as Breast Milk Fruit

16. Snake Fruit

17. Longan, sometimes known as Dragon Eye

18. Sapodilla, sometimes known as Chico Fruit

19. Feijoa, sometimes known as Guavasteen or Pineapple Guava

20. Durian