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21 Pets Who Hate Taking Selfies With You

Pet + selfie = #pelfie. Ugh.

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1. "This is my impression of you, Sheila."

2. "Seriously, Sheila?"

BTW, animals refer to human women as "Sheila" for some reason. IDK why.

3. "I really can't stand for this anymore. I mean, I can, but... You know what I mean, Sheila."

5. "Look, Sheila, I love you to death but this has to stop."

6. "I'm not a purse. Do you think I'm a purse?"

8. "I'll look at the camera, but I don't have to be happy about it."

9. "This is not the park, Sheila. You lied."

10. "The dog may be into this, but I, alas, am not."

11. "You're the only one smiling here, Sheila. That should be a sign."

12. "When this is over I'm eating some grass and then puking on the bathroom rug."

13. "I thought I knew you, Sheila. How could you do this to me?"

14. "I'm moving to Denmark, Sheila."

15. "I just... Give me a minute."

16. "HAR HAR HAR! You happy now, Sheila?!"

17. "You did this to me. YOU."

18. "I'm not laughing because I'm enjoying this. I'm laughing because I thought we already had this discussion."

19. "This was a good birthday until right now."

20. "You know I'm having hair issues, yet you insist."

21. "This is why I deleted my Facebook, Sheila."

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