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    31 Times Irony Was Almost Too Ironic

    Spelcheck much?

    1. When this fundraiser didn't think things through.

    2. When this newscast happened.

    3. When this room number was placed.

    4. When this yearbook quote was printed.

    5. When this play set was sold.

    6. When this book display was set up.

    7. When this fortune cookie failed.

    8. When Launchpad from "DuckTales" got a pilot's license.

    9. When Miley Cyrus predicted her future.

    10. When this shot glass was purchased.

    11. When the impossible happened.

    12. When this license plate was created.

    13. When this mug finally had it.

    14. When these plants suffered to deliver a message.

    15. When, out of all the other models, this car was purchased.

    16. When Disneyland opened.

    17. When this billboard went up.

    18. When this headline happened.

    19. When this truck got a flat.

    20. When YouTube got the last laugh.

    21. When this sign gave up.

    22. When this snail conquered its foe.

    23. When this picture asked WWJD?

    24. When American pride was outsourced.

    25. When this sign just couldn't.

    26. When this couple knew they were meant to be.

    27. When this door didn't get the joke.

    28. When this pan was helpless against the evil sticker.

    29. When this book was left on a plane.

    30. When this show about an obsessive compulsive released it's box set.

    31. When this... Ugh, I give up.