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    8 Fun Facts About Dan Harmon's New Animated Show "Rick And Morty"

    One of the cast pooped their pants once. Just sayin'.

    1. The creators are thrilled that they aren't tied down by logistics.

    2. Roiland voices both main characters, which is no easy feat.

    3. Sarah Chalke, who plays Rick's daughter/Morty's mom, loves the art of Rick and Morty.

    4. Chris Parnell, who voices Morty's father, Jerry, loves sci-fi and had a mysteriously bad high school dance experience.

    5. Spencer Grammer, who voices Morty's sister Summer, apparently has superhuman strength.

    6. Harmon thinks "20 Ways Hugh Jackman Should Eat A Muffin" would make a great BuzzFeed list.

    7. Chalke, when asked what she would go back and change about school if she could, admitted that she once peed her pants in class.

    8. Harmon and Roiland will never be at a loss for good ideas.

    Rick and Morty premieres on Adult Swim Dec. 2 at 10:30 PM (ET/PT).