12 Ways Dudes Can Look Hot While Staying Cool This Summer

Crocs not included.

Look, I know summer fashion for many dudes simply means swim trunks, tanks, and flippy floppies. But there are so many more summer options out there that will help you face the heat without sacrificing your style. Here are a few alternatives to think about when heading out into the summer sun.

1. Henleys instead of v-necks.


Because deep v-necks are a no-no, and regular v-necks are kind of played out. Just undo that top button and play on player!

2. Cotton polos for more of a preppy look.

These can be dressed up or dressed down, and unlike their dry pique brothers, won’t over heat you when you’re out and about.

3. Short sleeved button ups in patterns instead of stripes and checkers.


Just make sure they fit and aren’t those ugly Charlie Sheen monstrosities he popularized.

4. Lightweight chinos in a few different colors.


If jeans and shorts aren’t up your alley, lightweight chinos may be just the thing you’re looking for this summer.

5. Low -profile sneakers instead of big clunky ones.


Throw on some no-show socks and head on out to enjoy those summer days.

6. Linen blazers for all those outdoor summer weddings.

Or for that fancy brunch your parents insist you attend.

7. Hawaiian prints for a little something different.


Hawaiian prints have gotten a bad rap by dads who think they are the end-all-be-all of casual wear. But wearing a fitted one in a colorful pattern can make your summer just that much brighter.

8. Espadrilles instead of your janky old flip flops.


Because no one wants to see your crusty feet as you walk the boardwalk.

9. Baseball tees instead of regular ones.

I know the long sleeves seem counterintuitive, but baseball tees don’t really have that much extra fabric. Plus, they’re a simple way to change up your t-shirt game.

10. Shorts right at or above the knee.


Too short and you get into Lt. Dangle territory, too long and you are in the capri zone.

11. Light, long sleeved shirts that you can layer with.

Something like a chambray fabric is good to look out for since it will be more breathable. Also, throwing a button-up over a t-shirt instead of a sweater is a subtle way to keep warm and boost your fashion quotient.

12. Aviator glasses to channel your inner “Don Draper on vacation.”

Wayfarers are great and will never go out of style, but something about aviators just says summer.

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