10 Possible Pixar Movie Subjects

From toys to “Cars,” monsters to bugs, Pixar has almost run the gamut on things to make come to life. Now with “Planes” coming to theaters, we have to wonder what their next move will be. Here are a few ideas that I think would make for great films.

1. 1. Food

Exactly, Jennifer Lawrence! I’m looking at you for the voice of Pepper, the feisty lead that also happens to be a green bell pepper.

2. 2. Books

Yeah, “The Pagemaster” was great (I think, although that gif is super sad!) but just imagine Pixar’s take on books come to life. It could be like “Charlotte’s Web,” but instead of a spider it’s “The Giving Tree” and instead of a rat it’s a Glenn Beck book.

3. 3. Clothes

Ever wonder what happens when you close the washer door? Now you’ll find out in “Laundry” starring Michael Cera as a thrift store sweater named “As-Is.”

4. 4. Grumpy Cat

Coming soon! Tarter Sauce in “Throw Up,” a sequel to “Up.”

5. 5. Record Store

Here’s the pitch; an indie record store is going out of business and selling off its stock online, much to the chagrin of a Beatles boxed set that is being sold separately. Can they find a way to stay together? Also, its voiced by all the original Beatles, using archival footage for the dialogue of the deceased members. Michael Cera co-stars as a Pixies cassette tape.

6. 6. Planets

Aubrey Plaza is the voice of Pluto, who after being kicked out of Planet High for not being cool enough, searches the cosmos for a place to call home.

7. 7. Paint

Pixar could literally do a movie about paint drying that I would totally watch.

8. 8. Power Tools

Its about a… Uh… Er… I lost where I was going with this.

9. 9. Booze

Nick Offerman plays a single malt scotch. The rest writes itself.

10. 10. Furniture

A chic, New York chaise lounge, voiced by Aziz Ansari, is accidentally shipped to a home in the suburbs. Co-starring Michael Cera as a desk lamp, but not just any desk lamp. He’s… THE PIXAR DESK LAMP.

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