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14 Costumes Only Kids Can Pull Off

Some things are just too cool for us adults to understand.

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1. A super giggly Spiderman.

greyloch / Via Flickr: greyloch

2. Wonder Woman protecting her poor, defenseless parents.

bradleyolin / Via Flickr: yarhargoat

3. Tin-Tin (and Snowy!)

Pat Loika / Via Flickr: patloika

4. Super serious, genius NASA astronaut.

tecrekka / Via Flickr: 26026745@N00


Star Wars / Via Flickr: starwarsblog

6. Little Lion Man.

FromSandToGlass / Via Flickr: ericabreetoe

7. The littlest Airbender.

greylock / Via Flickr: greyloch

8. Marie Antoinette!

havensentevents / Via

9. Up!

jencu / Via Flickr: jennycu

10. SNES Baby.

EgoAnt / Via Flickr: egoant

11. Arrrr, Popeye.

arymal / Via

12. A travel-booking gnome.

Aaron Williamson / Via Flickr: clickclickclickclick

13. And of course, these girl crime fighters.

popculturegeek / Via Flickr: popculturegeek

14. It's all about the attitude ;)

Ryan Ruppe / Via Flickr: ryanrocketship