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Everything You Need To Know About DC's New "Justice League" Movie

Make some friends. Save the world.

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You may have heard of the Justice League, a group of DC heroes who come together to fight evil. Well, for the first time ever in live action, they're going to be on the big screen. We repeat: For. The. First. Time. Ever.

The New God looks to be on a mission to destroy Earth and other planets in search for Mother Boxes. These possess amazing powers and, depending on who controls them, can be used for great good or devastating evil. There's even one located in Themyscira...

...which, for those of you wondering, is Wonder Woman's island home.

This is the third time we'll be seeing Gal Gadot bring Wonder Woman to life on the big screen, following the huge success of the stand-alone Wonder Woman movie.

Wonder Woman has been helping Bruce Wayne — aka Batman (played by returning screen legend Ben Affleck) — search out other heroes, or metahumans, to form a team to protect Earth and others from this threat.

Speaking of banter, we also get the big-screen debut of Flash! The very funny Ezra Miller plays Barry Allen...

...who, in comic book history, is the second person to don the Flash moniker and has been an original founding Justice League member.

And, finally, looks like we're gearing up to find out about the fate of Superman, who in this movie still appears to be dead as the world mourns the sacrifice he made saving the world in Batman Vs Superman.


Wonder Woman's home, Themyscira, is an island located on Earth.

An earlier version of this post called it her home planet. We are hoping and praying the Amazons take pity on us for our grave error.

Check out the latest trailer right here, and go see it in cinemas 16 Nov.

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