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17 Things Men With Facial Hair Are Sick Of Hearing

If you mustache these men a question, please don't make it one of these. No matter what beard question you have, Just For Men Mustache & Beard has all the answers.

1. It always starts out with one of these:

2. Then there's the question that always makes you wanna scratch your face:

3. You'll hear this approximately 300 times between November and February:

4. Usually accompanied by a sympathetic look toward your significant other:

5. Ironically enough, this is usually asked by someone who was into facial hair before you were:

6. Just because you're wearing a red flannel or carrying an axe, you'll get asked:

7. The prelude to a one-sided conversation about Victorian England or something:

8. One you have to think about (then realizing you were stroking your beard all along):

9. The odds of hearing this during October rise 1,000%:

10. The odds of hearing this during November rise 10,000%:

11. Always asked by someone who wants to put stuff in your beard:

12. The main reason why this mustache went out of style:

13. Celebrity comparisons are inevitable (and exhausting):

14. This barrage of questions by someone who will never, ever need mustache wax:

15. The one that makes you want to hide away from the world:

16. At least this one answers one question — you know they disapprove of your facial hair:

17. And then, after all that:

Gentlemen, acquaint yourselves with Just For Men Mustache & Beard. Then all you'll have to do is learn to graciously accept hundreds of compliments.

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