11 Signs Your Barber Is Pretty Much Your Best Friend

Barbers make the best BFFs. It’s true. But when you’re not entrusting them with your life story and a pair of scissors, you can trust Just For Men AutoStop to make your hair look great — for the few times when you’re not in the barber chair.

1. You don’t remember the last time someone asked you this:

Prospero Pictures / Via wannabebritish.tumblr.com

2. You get daily compliments on your ‘do.

3. You get nervous when anyone else touches your hair.

4. Your mood improves when you see this:

5. You can point to your head and actually say, “The usual.”

Matador Records / Via gifsoup.com

6. You can’t look when he’s trimming someone else.

The pain is too much.

7. You panic when you’re on vacation and start feeling a mullet.

Studio Ghibli / Via stockholmdykes.tumblr.com

8. You think anyone else with clippers will definitely butcher your cut.


9. You cheated with another barber once and instantly regretted it.

eHow Beauty / youtube.com / Via inewmedia.org

10. You’ve had your eyebrows trimmed, and it wasn’t even weird.

Paramount Pictures / Via hoppip.tumblr.com

11. Finally, when you leave the barbershop, you’re all like:

When you’re not catching up with your BFF over pomade and barbicide, count on Just For Men AutoStop for the finishing touches!

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