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14 Simple Things Guys Can Do To Enhance Their Look

Lookin' good, buddy! It doesn't take a whole lot to get your head-to-toe look on point, and now with Just For Men AutoStop, it's easy to look the way you want to look.

1. Find different ways to embellish your basic suit to give it a little personality.

Try a decorative lapel pin for an easy twist on a classic suit. Or utilize a snazzy tie clip to instantly create a dapper look.

2. Find a stylish watch with interchangeable straps to go with any outfit.

It's a super-easy (and very cheap) way to have a statement piece with no outfit left behind.

3. Experiment with your hairstyle on a daily basis!

4. No room for fun in your outfit? Let your feet show your true colors.

5. Find ways to mix up your basic T-shirt while still remaining comfortable.

Finding a T-shirt with a patterned pocket or simple color blocking affords you the opportunity to wear a comfortable tee while making a statement with no effort!

6. Find the perfect way to be stylish AND carry your things around.

A typical backpack can instantly ruin an entire look. Invest in one that's up to par and will enhance your outfit instead of clashing with it.

7. Ensure your face is part of your daily shower routine.

Give your face the attention it deserves. Consider using an exfoliating facial brush to open your pores and get rid of oily skin.

8. Discover the beauty of pocket squares, even when you're not wearing a suit.

Great way to up your casual looks. You can get them new or head to a local thrift store where you can get a ton for a fraction of the cost.

9. Study up and learn which hair product works best with your hair.

Not all products are made equal. Find out which product works best for your hair, so you can get the most polished look possible.

10. Learn how to properly roll up pants and sleeves to be one with the hip crowd.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but when done the wrong way, both can really hurt your overall style. Learn the ways of the masters, so you can get your pants and shirt looking sleek and perfect.

11. Don't leave your accessories out of this.

It's important to make sure your accessories are as stylish as they are functional. Whether it's a pair of beautiful headphones or a sleek case for your phone, just a simple, stylish touch can really make a difference.

12. Understand the basics of a well-fitted suit, and add minor tweaks to get the perfect fit!

13. Keep an eye on your eyebrows.

14. Don't forget about your sneakers; they need some love too.

Another way to feel great without giving up your personal style? Purchase some well-designed sneakers to complete your head-to-TOE look.

See? Just a little subtle touch can make a huge difference. And with Just For Men Autostop, looking your best has never been easier!

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