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    • justeenn

      The advert doesn’t come across as “when you’re thinner you have more fun” to me. It Says to me, “when you’re on your period, you feel uncomfortable and bloated…a larger version of yourself that you don’t like”. That’s not fat-shaming. That’s saying, “be the version of yourself that you like best.” That says to me …I wanna be the size where I fit into the clothes that own and love. Even the largest of women would have a point when they felt uncomfortable with their size or are upset that they don’t feel comfortable in their own clothes. And that’s what this commercial is pinpointing..looking in the mirror:window and liking what you see. It is just focusing on the average sized woman because advertisements are geared towards the masses. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I definitely wouldn’t bitch if it was a heavier woman complaining about looking bigger in the mirror during that commercial…and it would’ve conveyed the same message. People are just overthinking it became it’s an average-sized woman. It’s aaaaaaalmost reverse discrimination in a sense b

    • justeenn

      Wow. It amazes me how easily people are offended. We are just promoting a false sense of discrimination by constantly drawing attention to it. This is obviously a commercial by women for women. I relate 100% to the feelings/actions of the woman in the commercial. I feel all of those rampant emotions in the commercial. Do I want those feelings/actions? No!!! And if buying a pad that gives me a smidgen of comfortability during a time when my hormones trick me into thinking everything is awful will get rid of those feelings, then heck yes - sign me up. It’s not “fat-shaming”. It’s “hey, your hormones cause you to gain weight that you normally don’t carry” simply because of physiology right now. What is wrong with a commercial projecting that? If anything, the commenters hating on that scene are “female shamers” shaming women who feel sensitive about their weight-not because men/society tells them to, but because of personal opinions/goals/feelings. I feel an intense need to defend this commercial because i feel like people are constantly reading too much into things and creating conflict unnecessarily. Do some self-reflection. Do you exhibit any of those symptoms at all in that commercial? Chances are…you do. So shut up and let it be. Quit hating on something so trivial just because you want to feel like you’re standing up against some invisible beast that you’re unknowingly helping to perpetuate.

    • justeenn

      This post is ridiculous. Whether certain women want to agree or not, breasts serve a sexual purpose, and are obviously appealing to the opposite sex. You all seem to think that because the breasts’ function is to nourish a child, it’s okay to post it. However, if you post a picture of your breast NOT serving its intended purpose, then what was your intention in posting it?? Posting your naked breasts for reasons other than breastfeeding or art (although even that one is a stretch) is pornography. You’re seeking attention. Personally, I don’t want to see it, and I wouldn’t want anyone that I was in a relationship to happen upon the picture. Your privates should be kept private REGARDLESS OF GENDER. People are always drawing attention to race and gender and sex, but just stop. Discrimination occurs when we draw attention. Just stop. You wanna be a feminist? Do it with your body covered. You wanna be a meninist? Do it with your penis covered.

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