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13 Dorm Food Hacks Gone Wrong

Options are limited when you're living in a dorm room. We get it. But, come on. Get it together. Save yourself the hassle and order in from JUST - Don't Cook - JUST EAT.

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You've heard of these popular "brownie-in-a-mug" recipes, right? Well, behold. A true success story.


You've got frostbitten hot dog parts? This guy's got solutions.

Serve up your hamburger bun with a side of toxic fumes. All you need to do is zap a Styrofoam plate.

A non-microwave safe Tupperware container works great for toxic fumes, too! Just put it in the microwave!

Important thing to remember when using a rice cooker: Add water. Preferably in the very beginning.



It has been said that popcorn is the easiest, most foolproof food to cook.

Did I say that popcorn was the easiest? I take that back.



Pro tip: Take a nap while your pizza is cooking. Don't set an alarm. That's important.

Sure, you burnt it to a crisp. Sure, it doesn't even resemble corn anymore. But look how pretty!

A for effort.

This hack is essential for all those with 8 a.m. classes. Microwave your coffee and your hard-boiled egg at the same time.

Two birds. One stone.

This is a good opportunity to practice unhinging your jaw. No heat necessary.



It's macaroni, and it's cheese. You're doing great. Good luck with school.



Some call it "extra crispy." Some call it "I completely forgot what this was even supposed to be."

See? You should have just ordered food. Now that you've lived through the worst, it's time to put your stomach to the ultimate test.

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Up your food game. Don't Cook - JUST EAT.