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An Illustrated Guide To The Hottest Viral Dance Moves

Thanksgiving is right around that corner. Brush up on your moves so you can hit The Whip with grandma in gaming's portable dance party, Just Dance 2017. Find it in stores or download the free demo!

1. To start out, Aunt Linda's on deck to knock out The Dab for us. Ready, Aunt Linda? Let's get it.

Start with your knees slightly bent and your arms extended at shoulder level, then bend one arm in toward your chest.

Quickly lower your forehead to touch the crook of your bent arm, as if dabbing sweat from your forehead.

Now let's put it all together, and we have a perfect Dab. Great work, Aunt Linda.

2. Next we have the Shmoney Dance. Baby Lucien has this move on lock.

Bend slightly forward at the waist, lean left, and throw your hips to the right, with your hands crossed above your head.

As you throw your hips back to the left, unbend your waist and lean to the right. Uncross your arms and extend them above your head on either side.

Now swing them hips back to the right, bend forward at the waist again, and cross your arms over your head once more.

Keep your movements loose as you repeat this move, turning slowly in a circle with each lean. That's the Shmoney.

3. Now let's kick things up a notch with the Whip/Nae Nae. Time to get yours, Grandpa Walter.

Bend your knees slightly, then extend one arm in front of you as if grasping a steering wheel. Bounce to the beat.

Drop your steering-wheel arm to your side while raising your other arm above your head. Shuffle your feet and swing your hips to the beat.

Beginning with your original steering-wheel arm, alternate arms while you repeat the Whip twice. Then repeat the Nae Nae.

Now hit 'em with the whole thing, gramps.

4. Now it's time for a classic: The Dougie. We got Uncle Steve in the building to help us out here.

Roll your right shoulder backward while stepping to your right. Rotate your left arm across your body from your opposite shoulder to your waist.

Repeat this move by mirroring it with your opposite side. Roll your left shoulder, step left, and rotate your right arm.

Alternate sides again; this time extend your leg and tap your foot twice in the same direction. Feeling like a pro? Add a little hairbrush move in there.

All right, let's bring it home, Uncle Steve. Teach 'em how to Dougie, teach 'em, teach 'em how to Dougie.

5. OK, now Grandma Mary is on the scene to Hit The Quan. You know what it is.

While bouncing to the beat, swing your arms in a circular motion around your waist so that when one hand is in front, the other is behind your back.

Now shuffle step around with your knees bent almost like a duck walk, and move your hips forward and back. That's it. That's how you Hit The Quan.

6. The Hit Dem Folk is more of a move than a whole dance. The most important thing is to do it on beat. Tell 'em, Cousin Lou.

Before the beat hits, cross your hands in front of your face once in each direction. On beat, lift one leg and pop your arms into a flex.

The fun of the Hit Dem Folk is that you get to make up the rest of the dance! The only rule is to stay on beat like Cousin Lou!

7. And finally, it's Step-Aunt Barb to close it out with Juju On That Beat.

Facing sideways, rock from side to side while bouncing your shoulders on alternating beats. Your hands are bouncing along with our shoulders.

Slide to the right and stomp your right foot while pointing down with both index fingers. This is the slide and the drop.

To close out our Juju, execute a perfect Hit Dem Folk right as the beat hits.

8. Now take it from the top, Step-Aunt Barb. You're really killing it out there.

Still looking for guidance on your Whip/Nae Nae skills? Check out the video below and then pick up Just Dance 2017 in stores or grab the free demo here!

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