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    • Justanotherperson

      Why is everyone so offended all the time? Tolerance goes both ways. If you want people to tolerate your way of life, you must also tolerate their way of life. The “Redskins” are not hitting, punching, or actively holding anyone from their own way of life. If you do not like the name “Redskins” do not buy their products or support the team. I would care less if they were the Washington Whiteskins”. In fact that name would probably be deemed racist and offensive (oddly enough with this debate) to every one whom wasn’t white. Grow up, be adults and stop acting like a bunch of kindergartners crying about little bobby calling you a name you don’t like (this is directed at all people). For the record my mother was 3/4 Cherokee( what that makes me I do not know), my grandparents were “red-skinned”, alcoholics, and died young because of the alcoholism. I look like your every day white boy, while one of my brothers is very Native in appearance. My father is Irish. All in all I am hosed I guess judging by this article, lol. My wife is 1/4 Choptank Indian. This makes our children more Native American than either one of us, and they carry many physical traits showing such.

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