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    Did Jojo Siwa Just Do Space Buns??

    Jojo Siwa has done many different things with her hair recently, and this is just the latest.

    Who is this?

    Jojo Siwa
    Insider / Via Google

    If you don’t know who Jojo Siwa is then this is how I would describe her: a teenager who is an entertainer for younger girls (5 year olds).

    What has she done?

    Jojo has changed her hair a lot recently, causing the internet to explode several times. Her most recent new look is... SPACE BUNS?? Ok ok, they’re not exactly space buns. But still, I think she rocked in and she looks pretty darn good.

    The new look...

    The buns
    @itsjojosiwa / Via Instagram

    And here is the look in all it’s glory

    What do you think?

    Not exactly as bold as her other looks, but I quite like this one too. What’d you guys think? Let me know in the comments.

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