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22 Things Only Women's And Gender Studies' Majors Understand

Majoring (and even minoring) in Women's and Gender Studies' is a unique adventure.

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4. You’re sick of trying to explain to people that gender and sex are social constructs.

(9/22 Edit for Clarification) Ok, maybe gender... But is sex is a social construct? Most WGST majors will say - maybe. Because chromosomes, hormones, and physical differences were not studied without prejudice. Experts began research with the assumption that there are only two sexes. Had that not been the case, we might have a whole new approach to defining a person's biological sex.

If you're interested in the topic I suggest reading "Sexing the Body" by Anne Fausto-Sterling.

5. You’ve tried (in vain) to explain what performativity is.

It's the state of constantly subconsciously performing socially constructed gendered acts. WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!?

6. You adore the phrase "historically and culturally specific" because it makes you sound super smart.


13. You’re thrilled at the prospect of raising a daughter (or a child of any gender) because you know you can DO IT RIGHT!

Can you say gender-neutral toys and advertising? HECK YEAH! My kids are getting that new toy: My-little-dream-army-robot-rainbow-car-care-center-battle-station.

15. …because there is “Men’s Studies.”

But wait? Doesn't history study women, too? Of course. But the discourses of history books have been told exclusively by the privileged gender: men. Women's studies is not an alternative, but an expansion of traditional historical study in which women are given a voice. (9/22 Edit for Clarification)

17. Judith Butler is both your best friend and worst enemy.

Judith Butler's work is interesting. Either you have no idea what you're reading, or you "understand" it to the point where you begin to question everything you've ever understood. It's like the literary version of LSD.


18. Don’t even get you STARTED on Foucault

Also, you find the above image HILARIOUS due to your in-depth analysis of "Discipline and Punish" (9/22 Error Correction - Thanks Commenters! <3)

21. Not to mention everything you learn about YOURSELF, which enables you to grow into a well-rounded, educated person.

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