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14 Reasons The Sims 4 Will Be The Best Yet

The Sims has given us priceless moments, no doubt. Fortunately, we can look forward to even more with the latest advancement of the game.

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5. Decorations will also have a purpose.

Sims will be able to interact with the décor in a room and just having cool decorations around will change their emotions and the vibe of conversations and parties.

6. The relationship bar will split into two

Now, everyone you meet will have varying degrees of friendship and romantic attraction. Because of this, the concepts of soul-mates, and friends with benefits become possible!

8. Death and Divorce will be more serious events

No more slightly bad mood for a week while life chugs alone. In real life, serious events like these can have life altering consequences. We will see more of this in TS4.

11. Building rooms will become easier

Building is one of the key elements of the Sims and, like the create-a-sim tool, it will become more user friendly. Players will be able to click, drag, and copy entire rooms as they build houses quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

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