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13 Innocent Words That Mean Something Totally Different If You're Kinky

For everyone who secretly double takes when someone says 'vanilla'

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1. Kinky

It means: Freaky sex stuff from movies or porn.

But to kinky folks it means: A branch of alternative sexuality that extends into a person's entire identity.

For example: I didn't know Rachel was kinky! Let's go out for coffee, I want to get to know her more.

3. Rope

It means: Rope. Probably not often thought about by those who don't work in hardware stores or on boats.

But to kinky folks it means: A sensual and sometimes spiritual means of connecting with another person...and also tying them up of course.

For example: My new rope is quarter inch twisted hemp. I bought 200 feet of it!

4. Cuffs

It means: The decorative ending of a dress shirt.

But to kinky folks it means: Wrist and ankle bondage for those who prefer something quicker than rope.

For example: I prefer my locking leather cuffs, but those velcro cuffs are very quick and easy!

5. Collar

It means: A means of identifying and tracking your pets.

But to kinky folks it means: A piece of decoration and symbolic ownership. It's sometimes comparable to a wedding ring.

For example: In private, I wear a pink leather collar with my Dominant. But this silver necklace is my public collar so I can think of him all day.

6. Munch

It means: An onomatopoeia for chewing and eating, similar to 'crunch'.

But to kinky folks it means: A public meeting in which kinky people socialize just like vanilla folks do. It's a space to connect with others in the community in a non-sexual way.

For example: We have a munch every first Saturday of the month at Ruby Tuesdays. You'll know it's us because there will be a purple teddy bear on the table.

7. Play

It means: Engaging in games or sports and generally having fun.

But to kinky folks it means: The act of engaging in any sort of kinky sexual activity and usually involving power exchange.

For example: We're very busy lately but my submissive and I make time to play at least once a week.

8. Scene

It means: Part of a drama.

But to kinky folks it means: A session, usually a few hours long, in which two or more kinky people 'play'.

For example: Our last scene was a lot of fun. A tied her up and made her orgasm five times!

9. Dungeon

It means: A damp dark place where people used to keep prisoners.

But to kinky folks it means: A thoughtfully furnished room or space, ideally including special bondage furniture, in which kinky people can play and have scenes.

For example: You guys are welcome to play in our dungeon any time, just make sure to sanitize everything when you're done.

10. Pain

It means: A negative sensation that is almost always actively avoided.

But to kinky folks it means: A sensation that is often embraced and sometimes sought out. Personal feelings regarding pain vary and it's often a topic of discussion and analysis within the community.

For example: That flogger is painful but it also feels really good. Will you try hitting me a little harder?

11. Spanking

It means: A punishment inflicted on naughty children.

But to kinky folks it means: A sensation inflicted on consenting adults. Individual kinky people may see spanking at painful, cathartic, arousing, pleasurable, or any number of things.

For example: Ooh I've been so naughty, can I have a spanking please?

12. Red

It means: The bright color of apples and stop signs.

But to kinky folks it means: STOP! SERIOUSLY, TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF. STOP. Red is recognized as a safeword by most people in the kink community.

For example: My safeword is 'Banana' but I know that if I say 'Red', my dominant will also stop.

13. Consent

It means: To give permission in the contexts of medicine, research, and sex in general.

But to kinky folks it means: Absolutely everything. It's what makes kink so special. Everything is communicated and consensual to the max!

For example: Everything we do is safe, sane, and consensual. That's the entire point!

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