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What It's Like To Be An International Student For 12 Years (Intro)

A unique "What It's Like" series of stories told by a decade-long international student

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What's it like to grow up without a mother since age 13?

Or, what's it like to live in four different countries and have to adjust to a new culture and language each time? What it's like to get into McGill but fail in every class, becoming a readmitted student? What's it like to find hidden cameras in your bathroom because your landlord is a perv? What's it like to try to immigrate for two and a half years after finishing school while working as a waitress/cashier because you don't speak French? What's it like to live with an 70 year old roommate? I can go on and on. Basically, I have lots of stories, unique stories, to share because of my precarious non-citizenship status in Canada since September 2004 to January 2017. Stay tuned!

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