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The sacrifice of a generation of hardworking individuals

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I was staying up last night at 2 am , doing particularly nothing, calculating my attendance and pondering whether if I had bunked the next day's class ,would I have still been able to meet the required 75% cut off ? My thoughts started to wander.

I am 22 years old and I asked myself – in these 22 years what had I achieved on my own. I thought and thought and thought and I finally got the answer – NOTHING.

I mean think about it, everything that I am today is because of the sole backing of my parents. Without them – no education, no laptop, no branded clothes and no life as it is today. I could afford to be laid back and sail through my life because my parents had my back and I knew that. And to be honest this is what I see around me as well.

A generation back, when our parents were our age, things were a wee bit different. Our parents didn't have that much of a backing from their parents as we did. They were more of self-made people burdened with responsibilities from a young age.

There is this new trend among the youngsters of our country to take up new and exciting career paths- wildlife photography, gourmet cooking, film making, fashion designing- follow your passion is the new tagline of the current generation. For some it's just a passing phase of rebellion, for some it's a passion that's going to last. But taking up a career in any of these fields was unheard of 20 – 30 years ago when our parents were graduating from school. They didn't have much options.

We keep cribbing that our parents force us to take engineering or medicine and that our passions are different, that we want to travel around the world, write books and make movies. But have you ever thought if your own parents wanted to do any of these things ?Have you ever asked them if their current job is what they dreamed of when they were 18 years old, when they were young, inspired and full of energy?

Everyone has dreams because you can't live without dreaming. But sometimes the people you love weigh more than your dreams. So can you really blame a generation of hardworking people who had to face hardships and lose out on a lot to support you and your family for thinking of a financially stable and secure life for their children? They always have a plan and a backup plan and a back up plan to the back up plan, because they just care too much about our future.

We should all follow our passions in life whatever it may be.But it is instrumental to remember that our passions were fueled by the sleepless nights of our parents

This generation of young, daring, bold and charismatic youngsters was a result of the sacrifice and love of another generation – whose dreams were forgotten without a trace.

Parents can be annoying, nagging, unbearable and too much to handle at times, but we owe it to them. Because without them we are nothing.

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