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17 Nicaraguan And Salvadoran Recipes That Deserve A Spot On Your Table

Who's hungry??

Nicaraguans and Salvadorans share a lot in common when it comes to their cuisines.

There are the slaw-style cabbage salads that make an appearance on many popular staples, corn or maize-based drinks like chicha and pinolillo, and plenty of delectable, cheese-filled pastries. However, the two countries have their own distinct traditions and styles of cooking, so we rounded up a few favorites from both cultures that you can try right at home.

1. Vigorón

A plate of Nicaraguan vigorón.

2. Pupusas

A plate of pupusas from El Salvador.

3. Curtido

A bowl of Salvadoran curtido.

4. Instant Pot Nacatamales

5. Salvadoran Quesadilla

Salvadoran quesadillas

6. Picos

7. Leche Poleada

8. Ensalada de Repollo

A Nicaraguan cabbage salad.

9. Buñuelos

Nicaraguan yucca fritters known as buñuelos.

10. Relajo

A spice-heavy mix called relajo from El Salvador.

11. Seafood Soup

A bowl of seafood soup using Nicaraguan ingredients.

12. Pinolillo

Pinolillo is one of Nicaragua's most well-known drinks.

13. Pollo En Chicha

Chicken drizzled with a chicha-style sauce.

14. Gallo Pinto

Rice and beans in Nicaragua, known as "gallo pinto."

15. Pastelitos

A plate of pastelitos.

16. Baho


17. Maduros

Maduros are sweet plantains eaten across Latin America.