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10 Latinx-Owned Food Businesses To Support This Holiday Season And Beyond

Upgrade your winter with some of the best flavors from Latin America and the Caribbean.

The holidays look a little different because of the pandemic this year, but there's no reason to forgo traditional flavors or family recipes — especially if you're used to home-cooked food highlighting the best of Latin America and the Caribbean. 🌶

Whether you're starting to plan out recipes for your own socially distanced holiday celebration or you want to support inclusive brands by scooping up delicious gifts for friends, here are ten Latinx-owned small businesses offering homemade sauces, seasonings, desserts, and more.

1. Pisqueya, a brand of handcrafted hot sauces made with island ingredients from the Dominican Republic.

2. The Freakin Rican, a New York restaurant that ships its fan-favorite seasonings and pasteles across the country.

3. A Dozen Cousins, a plant protein-powered and ready-to-eat line of beans that draws its inspiration from Creole, Caribbean, and Latin American recipes.

4. Todo Verde, a plant-based catering and food company that also offers online cooking classes, curated ingredient bundles, and a beautifully vibrant cookbook.

5. The Cielito Store, a coffee shop that sells one-of-a-kind roasts using Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan beans.

6. Flor De Maria, a New York shop that blends high-quality Latin American chocolates and CBD oils for laidback sweets that are also beautifully packaged.

7. Calabash Tea And Tonic, a Washington, D.C.-based wellness brand that specializes in teas, tonics, spices, and CBD products.

8. AliciasDelicias, a San Diego-based bakery that makes hand-painted sugar cookies that are almost too beautiful to eat.

9. El Machete, a Los Angeles-bred brand of ultra-hot salsas, moles, tortillas, and other Mexican staples.

10. Loisa Comida Real, an NYC-based food company making organic seasonings without any filler.

Seasonings and cleaning cloths from Loisa Comida Real