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Moaning Lisa

Trivia, interestingness and parodies in the series Moaning Lisa (S01E06). Lisa's in a bad mood. In the morning, she looks at the mirror for a long time and sadly, and refuses to eat during breakfast. During the music lesson, she begins to improvise, rather than follow the notes of a patriotic song, and the music teacher Mr. Largo lectures her. In the dining room, food is thrown at her, in the gym class - balls. Lisa says that she is too sad to play ball, and director Skinner writes a note to parents that she does not want to play ball. They try to show concern, but it does not help Liza calm down, she thinks about the meaning of life and her place in the world. As always, interestingness, curious facts, the first appearance of heroes, cultural references, feilies and much more. The season began broadcasting from 17.12.89, and finished on 13.05.90. The premiere was held on February 11, 1990 The promised link to the western site about the Simpsons:

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