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    Posted on Mar 21, 2016

    15 Best Jewish Rappers: Passover Edition

    Oy vey, it's Passover! That means it's that time of year when you read lists of famous Jewish people, and this time, it's about your fav Jewish rappers.

    1. DRAKE

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    He's everyone's favorite Jewish rapper. Hailing from the 6 aka Toronto, Aubrey Drake Graham might as well be rollin' through the Red Sea with his woes. He's called himself "the best Jew in the rap game," and he's right.

    Lil' Wayne and DJ Khaled also seem to be enjoying Drake's Bar Mitzvah in this video!

    2. Mac Miller

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    Mac Miller might only be half Jewish, but he had a bar mitzvah and even threw some shade at Drake, calling himself "the coolest Jewish rapper." IDK who the best Jewish rapper is, but this dude's been throwin' straight fire lately, releasing music hotter than Shabbat candles.

    3. Matisyahu

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    Matisyahu / Via

    Not particularly a rapper, but he's the absolute best Jewish reggae artist, no doubt. He's not Hasidic anymore, but this guy still knows how to rep' Judaism through rhyme.

    4. Hoodie Allen

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    Hoodie Allen / Via

    Steven Markowitz from Long Island, NY. Can't get more Jewish than that. Plus, his music is hella catchy.

    5. Timati

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    You may have not heard of him, but he's a half Jewish, half Tatar rapper from Russia, and probably the most popular rapper there. And yes, this song is about eggplants for some reason...

    6. Action Bronson

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    Arian Asllani, the son of an Albanian father and a Jewish New Yorker mother. He might not be at the top of my list yet, but his beats are LIT.

    7. Post Malone

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    Might be the hottest new Jewish rapper on this list. Look out for him in the future, he might one day be THE best Jewish rapper. Plus, he's not afraid to show his heritage on Instagram

    "Last night was my bar mitzvah"

    @postmalone / Via Instagram: @postmalone

    Can't really find much online about his heritage, but I'm assuming he is Jewish from this picture. Amiright?

    8. Lil Dicky

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    David Andrew Burd, from Philly, worked in account managing before starting his rap career. A nice Jewish boy.

    He spits dat Jewish flow

    View this video on YouTube

    Lil Dicky / Via

    9. Cafe Shahor Hazak

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    Cafe Shahor Hazak / Via

    Their name literally translates to "Strong Black Coffee". Ilak Sahalu and Uri Alamo were born in Ethopia, but immigrated to the Holy Land at a young age. You may have not heard of them if you live outside of Israel, but their music sounds mad catchy.. even if the only Hebrew you know is from your Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

    Honorable Menschens

    These are some rappers who haven't gotten big...yet. Hopefully, it won't take them as long to get famous as it did for the Jews to cross the desert.

    10. OB O'Brien

    He's the ginger in Drake's HYFR video, and he's part of the OVO Crew. So that means he's gotta get big. Plus, his song is called "Jewish" so I just had to add him.

    11. Ben Blackwell

    View this video on YouTube

    Behn-Shakhar Ben-Israel is a Hebrew Israelite who NEEDS to get big. This guy goes hard.

    Straight fire.

    View this video on YouTube


    View this video on YouTube

    12. Aaron Cohen

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    Cohen hasn't released much lately, but his beats are on point. A New Yorker with the last name Cohen, can't get more Jewish than that.

    13. Necro

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    Born in Brooklyn and grew up in the projects, Ron Braunstein's a real Jewish gangsta.

    14. Kosha Dillz

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    Rami Matan Even-Esh first started learning about rap at Bar Mitzvah's. Now he's playing festivals all over the place! L'chaim!

    15. KGC

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    More Israeli rap. Nuff' said.

    Rick Ross (not a Jew)

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    Not Jewish, but he has a whole album named "Black Bar Mitzvah", so I figured I had to mention him! Shall we call him Rick Rossenstein?

    Have suggestions? Send us your fav Jewish rappers!

    Have a turnt passover!

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