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This Is Why Woodstock Festival In Poland Is So Beautiful

"Love, Friendship, and Music"

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Woodstock Festival is the biggest open-air festival in Europe. Every year, at the end of July and beginning of August, about 625,000 people go to Kostrzyn Nad Odra to be a part of three days of music, love and friendship.

Woodstock is organized by Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity NGO as a way of thanking its volunteers. The creator of a festival is Jerzy Owsiak- a founder and President of GOCC

The main kind of music there is rock but music from folk through experimental to metal is also represented. In the past, Woodsock Festival had stars like The Prodigy, Halloween, Shaggy,Ky-Mani Marley, Protoje, The Darkness and Sabaton. But Woodstock Festival it's not only a bunch of concerts. In the Academy Of The Finest Arts(AFA) are oganized meetings with big personalities not only from Poland. At "Night at AFA" you can also watch Stand Up and Theatre.

Why Woodstock Festival is so beautiful?

People there are amazing

Everybody loves each other. If you are part of Woodstock, you are part of a big family. Friendly people won't let you feel alone.

You can take a mud bath

Because... Why not?

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"Godzina W"

Every year, on August 1, Woodstock Festival commemorates the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising which took place in 1944. It was a major World War II operation by the Polish resistance Home Army.

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This year, Woodstock Festival had to be scheduled two week earlier than usual because of World Youth Day in Poland.

During first day of big concerts, in Nice, was an terrorist attack. Woodstock Festival

payed tribute to victims and the whole France.

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I hope now you understand why Woodstock is so beautiful. If you're not convinced, please watch this video:

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Love, Friendship, and Music!

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