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I Want To Know If You Agree With These "The Last Of Us" Opinions

"The TV show is better than the game."

The adaptation of the ever popular Naughty Dog video game The Last of Us was always going to be subject to a lot of debate.

I personally am loving the series, but I would be keen to know what fan opinions you agree with or are totally opposing.

🚨Watch out: Huge game and show spoilers ahead! 🚨

1. This fan thinks the show delivers some of the best guest roles:

#TheLastOfUs also showcases some of the best in guest star roles even if they are only appearing for a portion of the episode. Three episodes and all the actors that appear outside the leads simply SHINE.

@jesthevu / Via Twitter: @jesthevu

2. Episode 3 had some heartbreaking reactions:

the last of us writers were like “hey joel needs a car. what if we write the most touching and heartbreaking hour of television in the world”

@zachsilberberg / Via Twitter: @zachsilberberg

3. Some fans are all for a two-hour cut of Episode 3:

#TheLastOfUs episode 3 originally had a roughly 2 hour cut Me:

@blurayangel / Naughty Dog / Via Twitter: @blurayangel

4. This viewer thinks the adaptation has lost the subtlety and maturity of the game:

My stance on the Last of Us show is this: It ripped out any form of subtlety or maturity the game had, and made it about on par with season 3 of Walking Dead. Game Tess is shot by the military without ceremony. You just find her body. Show Tess blows up in a massive explosion.

@2bundy_chu / Via Twitter: @bundy_chu

5. One fan has big predictions for future episodes and new characters:

Twitter is going to explode when they meet Henry and Sam. #TheLastOfUs

@NicoSaysThings / Via Twitter: @NicoSaysThings

6. Actor Chloë Grace Moretz is loving the game-to-TV adaptation:

The last of us is *so good* whatta way to adapt a video game perfectly , definitely scratches a gamer itch in my brain 10/10!

@ChloeGMoretz / Via Twitter: @ChloeGMoretz

7. This viewer wishes there were no zombies:

I like everything about #TheLastOfUs except for the zombies. Why do there have to be zombies??? I hate zombies.

@TheresaRebeck / Via Twitter: @TheresaRebeck

8. One watcher has made the bold statement of the show being overhyped:

I'm strating to think HBO's The Last of Us is overhyped. Whichever critic said this show breaks the video game adapataion curse is a moron. #TheLastofUs

@ChloeSmiley3 / Via Twitter: @ChloeSmiley3

9. But, this viewer thinks the story works better as a TV show:

So I’m watching The Last Of Us and I will say, this works so much better as a tv show. I tried playing the game years ago and honestly I was so bored. I never finished it. But the show has me HOOKED. #TheLastOfUs #HBOMax

@AnthonyZolanski / Via Twitter: @AnthonyZolanski

10. These fans are uncertain of what will happen if HBO sticks to Joel's storyline:

@DeanaXburke Exactly, my sister told me now if Joel dies she will not continue watching #thelastofus, and I believe her same thing happened to her when glenn died on TWD

Xrizzzz / Via Twitter: @Xrizzzz

11. Tess is this fan's favorite character:

Tess is in two episodes. Two. Dos. We know so little about her character. And yet, she is my favorite, and I will rewatch those episodes all the time #thelastofus

@cxptainjaneway / Via Twitter: @cxptainjaneway

12. Whilst this viewer isn't sure what to make of the show:

The last of us is the weirdest show I’ve ever seen. Can’t tell if I love it or hate it but it makes absolutely no sense at all #TheLastOfUs

@Samantha_Schou / Via Twitter: @Samantha_Schou

13. And, finally, one fan was disappointed with Sarah's crucial moment:

Sarah’s death didn’t do a damn thing. The game just does it better. #TheLastOfUs

@Fringe_Agent13 / Via Twitter: @Fringe_Agent13

What opinion of The Last of Us do you agree with the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!