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18 Reasons You Should Stream Idris Elba In "Beast" Right Now

It's Idris Elba vs. one angry lion.

We’ve seen woman vs. shark in The Shallows, man (and woman) vs. giant snake in Anaconda, and now we have Idris Elba vs. lion in Beast streaming on Peacock right now! It doesn’t get more juicy than that when it comes to a primal action flick.

Now that the film is streaming on Peacock, it’s time for you to make your mind up: Will you dive in, or will you avoid it? Here’s 18 reasons why I think you should give it a go:

1. Idris’s badass self.

Idris Elba aiming with a gun in Beast

2. Beast has got an epic director and producer behind it.

Baltasar Kormákur at Beast screening

3. You’ll be thrown into the action.

A man injured lying on the ground asking for help in Beast

4. Sharlto Copley’s character wins on all fronts.

5. Leah Jeffries and Iyana Halley’s supporting performances are a hearty addition.

Leah Jeffries and Iyana Halley looking scared in Beast

6. The "Man vs. Lion" plot is not that bad of a storyline.

idris elba

7. No Hollywood sets here...Beast was filmed on location!

Landscape shot of South Africa in Beast

8. The cinematography is *chefs kiss*.

Philippe Rousselot at an event

9. It delivers big (CGI) cat energy.

The rogue lion in Beast, CGI created

10. It’s a little exploration into the life-and-death battles lions face against humans.

Poachers pointing guns in Beast film

11. How about a gripping soundtrack to keep you on your toes?

Out today... my score for #BeastMovie. Had a wonderful time writing this, and working with the amazing @lauramvula, @SonaJobarteh and many other great musicians. The film is released in the US next week, hitting UK theatres one week later on the 26th.

@stevenbprice / Will Packer Productions / Via Twitter: @SteveBPrice

Award winning composer Steven Price rose to the challenge of writing the music for Beast. Having worked on Gravity and Last Night in Soho, it’s no surprise that he delivered.

Beast has an energetic and tense soundtrack that helps carry along the plot line, switching from lighter and softer tones to urgent and fast-paced sounds that truly build up the tension. At some points, the music and singers used even felt reminiscent of those iconic Gladiator echoes (not that I'm saying anything will ever be on the same level, but parts of the soundtrack gave me that same feeling).

The fact that musician Sona Jobarteh featured across the soundtrack also only added to the authentic feeling, as she is the first female kora virtuoso from a west African griot family.

12. It even gets a bit tense.

Sharlto Copley's character tracking lion in the water in Beast

13. Most of the supporting cast were South African.

A poacher in the middle of the woods in Beast

14. The makeup and prosthetics team got gnarly with it.

Sharlto Copley injured and covered in blood in Beast

15. It’s only 93 minutes long (and aren't you here for that?!).

16. The final showdown makes it all the more fun (and debate-worthy).

17. Beast defies all logic...and that’s okay (for once).

Nate and his daughters scared in the dark car in Beast

18. Sometimes, you just want something nice and easy to follow.

the cast of beast

Will you be watching Beast? Let us know in the comments!

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