17 Fan Reactions To "Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin"

    It's the series that most Pitch Perfect fans have been waiting for.

    It's been a whole five years since the Pitch Perfect musical comedy trilogy came to an end, but now a new spinoff series is available for fans of the super cheesy and yet oh-so-fun films.

    1. This fan thinks the show is making a stressful world a better place:

    I'm going to say it...#BumperInBerlin  is a fun little show! It made me smile. The world is stressful and we all need a little chuckle. Go watch it! @peacock #pitchperfect

    @thewaldies / Via Twitter: @thewaldies

    2. Could the show be paving a new way for Bumper? This fan thinks so:

    "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin" review on IMDB - 8/10

    3. If you know, you know. Modern Family fans unite to see an "alternate ending" for Haley and Andy:

    4. 6 episodes is not enough for this binge-loving fan of the show:

    Just finished #BumperInBerlin and it def deserved more than 6 EP I'm really tired of these 6-8 EP first seasons like I get why but what's the point when I just end up binging the whole thing and forgetting about the show just as quickly 😭

    @donnasummerseve / Peacock / Via Twitter: @donnasummerseve

    5. This one gave me actual LOLs. I'm also taking this as a positive for the Pitch Perfect spinoff:

    Gonna tell my kids this was Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga #BumperInBerlin

    @talkalot_360 / Julia Terjung / Peacock / Via Twitter: @talkalot_360

    6. Delightfully ridiculous. Why can't we live in a world where a cappella performers ARE treated like rockstars? It would be as fun as the show...

    Pitch Perfect: #BumperInBerlin is a show that's as delightfully ridiculous as you would expect from a world where a capella performers are treated like rockstars. https://t.co/5jGVAAyK1m

    @decider / Julia Terjung / Peacock / Via Twitter: @decider

    7. Adam Devine continuing to kill it as Bumper:

    So I started #BumperInBerlin yesterday afternoon and I’m already done with it. I didn’t know I needed a Pitch Perfect spinoff but @ADAMDEVINE was a great candidate. So bingeable. @peacock I need a season 2.

    @steven_galyean / Via Twitter: @steven_galyean

    8. I was honestly shocked to see a 10/10, but this fan certainly put the effort into explaining why they love it so much:

    "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin" review on IMDB - 10/10

    9. We all love killer one-liners:

    10. This watcher was all for the strong chemistry:

    I actually loved #BumperInBerlin Laughed several times despite watching it alone 🤣🤣... Outstanding cast as well. They all had strong chemistry & everything just worked for the most part.

    @tythreefive / Via Twitter: @tythreefive

    11. Verdict: funny show but points deducted for the worst product placement. That's fair:


    this show is so funny but who made poor Sarah Hyland do this 😭😭 #bumperinberlin #peacock #foryou

    ♬ original sound - kiley

    12. More Modern Family fans are still giving the show some love for the hope it provides for two beloved characters:

    13. Ouch. We have our first major negative review, everyone. I'm sensing something personal:

    Imagine you pitch an original show and face your sixth rejection in a row because it’s too much of a risk, you go home, you turn the TV on, and you see an ad for Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin. I’d run into the street.

    @gayswordfight / Via Twitter: @gayswordfight

    14. Come on, do yourself a favor:

    15. Again, I'm all for the effort this fan has gone to, and 7/10 is a solid rating:

    "Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin" review on IMDB - 7/10

    16. While most fans of the franchise enjoyed the show, this watcher had a bone to pick with the main story:

    bumper in berlin is trash and the girls deserved better than this. please also imagine elizabeth banks' face next to universal. pitch perfect is not about men

    @kendricks_trash / Universal Television / Via Twitter: @kendricks_trash

    17. And last but not least, this bold fan kindly asked Elizabeth Banks to delete the show:

    @ElizabethBanks @peacocktv @ADAMDEVINE @Sarah_Hyland delete this show bestie i’m begging you

    Twitter: @villaneIlIe / Universal Television / Peacock

    On the whole, it looks like the majority of fans were enjoying and taking Bumper in Berlin for what it is: a light-hearted comedy around one of Pitch Perfect's most hated (but come on, still secretly liked) characters!

    Sure, it has a few negative reactions, but will you give it a go? Or, will you let the bad reviews put you off?  Tell me if you'll be watching in the comments!