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    19 Pedro Pascal Memes That I Can't Stop Looking At

    It's Pedro Pascal's world, and we're just living in it.

    It's fair to say that over the last few months, Pedro Pascal is EVERYWHERE. And I am, of course, here for it.

    With the actor repping his two dad worlds by having to look after both Ellie and Grogu between the two shows, it's no surprise that the internet can't handle the heat.

    1. It's a plan:

    me going back in time to 1997 to seduce young pedro pascal so i become his beloved wife, have his kids and grow old with him


    2. "MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC." I, too, cannot stop:


    Saturn Films / Via Twitter: @InterstateDrive

    3. Pedro Pascal carrying the streaming services right now:

    This made me lol 😂 but it’s true! And he deserves all the love and success 🙌🏼 #PedroPascal Img crd: facebook

    @kathony4ever / Via Twitter: @kathony4ever

    4. Nothing to see here, nothing to see:

    me pretending I didn’t see the picture with Pedro Pascal and Olivia Wilde

    Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Via Twitter: @watermeIonkiwi

    5. We are all losing it:

    Pedro Pascal saying baby girl has got me so FERAL. I made my husband rewind it so I can close my eyes, sit in front of the TV and listen to it again 😭 #TheLastOfUs #TheLastOfUsHBO

    @ellanorcym / Via Twitter: @ellanorcym

    6. Pascal deserves everything:

    Pedro Pascal after #TheMandalorian and #TheLastOfUsHBO

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via Twitter: @blurayangel

    7. This one got me good:

    DreamWorks Animation / Via Twitter: @filmskyrie

    8. IYKYK. If you don't, watch Pascal's red carpet interviews where he compliments presenters' nails. I can't deal:

    me when there’s an apocalypse but pedro pascal likes pretty nails

    @hrileighw / Via Twitter: @hrileighw

    9. I mean, it's uncanny:

    @pascalarchive Like Father, like Son ❤ #PedroPascal #TheLastOfUs #TheMandalorian #Grogu #ThisIsTheWay #DisneyPlus

    HBO / Lucasfilm / Via Twitter: @ny_paralegal

    10. It's Pedro's world, and we're just in it:

    the year is 2033 and pedro pascal is in every movie and every tv show, he basically owns the world!!

    Vanity Fair / Via Twitter: @jxvipike

    11. Pedro Pascal living his best dad life:

    Dad of the year. #PedroPascal #thelastofus #TheMandalorian

    HBO / Via Twitter: @Camila_Servello

    12. That little side eye:

    @mastr_alchmist / Via Twitter: @mastr_alchmist

    13. Forget winter, it's Pascal season:

    Pedro Pascal is carrying March rn

    @TheRealTCU / Via Twitter: @TheRealTCU

    14. The cheek of it:

    Pedro Pascal being at the Oscars at the same time the season finale of The Last of Us airs

    Nickelodeon Animation Studio / Via Twitter: @thefuckinsandes

    15. And we're all here, rooting for these storylines:

    Pedro Pascal has made a whole career out of being stressed cause he can’t find a babysitter

    Lucas Film / HBO / DC Films / Via Twitter: @BriannaShrum

    16. No air:

    CBS Television Distribution / Via Twitter: @DixPeyton

    17. This one felt like a personal attack:

    I love how obsessed Tiktok is with Pedro Pascal Memes and I had to participate 😎 Also this one is for @JmeboyPC ❤️😶 Love you

    @jndyln / Via Twitter: @jndyln

    18. *Loud cackling*

    Pedro Pascal has too many kids to protect

    HBO / Via Twitter: @SequelMemes

    19. Why does it work so well?!

    people are editing Pedro Pascal into Mario memes and I’m here for it absolute legend @chip2ner

    Saturn Films / Via Twitter: @HUN2R